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Download Instructions Step by Step

Works For Either Software

After Download Completes > Click Open File

This Picture Appears > Click Yes

< Then This Picture Appears > <  Select English > OK

Then This Picture Appears > Welcome  QuickChek

 Click Next

This Next Photo is <Install Location> Click The (Browse) Button

And Select <(Desktop)> Now View The Next Three (Photo's)

This Next Photo is <Licenses Agreement> Click The (I-Agree) Button

The Setup Photo Appears Click the Finish Tab 

The Next Photo Appears Click the Close Tab 

The Next Photo // End User Licenses Agreement > Click I Agree <

The Next Photo Click On the Photo It Will Be Removed

The Very Last Photo containing Links Click Continue

All Links Have been Removed Leave As Is And Continue As Normal

You are now ready to start using

QuickChek-Any-Property Software

Now Check Your DESKTOP It Should Have (1) or (2) ICONs Below

Have questions about Downloading the QuickChek Software? 

Get in touch with us via the Link below and 

We'll send instruction to help resolving the Issue.

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