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This Microsoft Excel Software was design to give Investors a complete visual Outlook of the financial activity of an Investment property or Existing Property to see if it’s a cash flowing property or good Investment.

Or make adjustments to an existing property - Expenses 

To see what can be adjusted to raise the MPCF

By Entering the key values and information into the Analyzer

And with the ability to change any value till the numbers make sense to you!

So I developed this as a spreadsheet many years ago early in my career.

After years and years of re-editing and re-editing to an almost perfect perfection!

I needed something that would give me all the key information and values on a single page; 

quick, accurate and essential information for the serious investor looking to make money.

>Your Cost Is at the least, or smallest Amount<

(Bare Minimum, I Mean Bare Minimum)

See The Price Cut 

Slashed Slash To The Bare Minimum Amount


The Microsoft Excel Software

 Find the mobile App on The AppSheet In the Google Play Store

Click here to Start Your

14-Day Free Trial

After Free Trial Period  The Premium Package ($2.99) Monthly.

It Works on all > Androids Phones

It Works on all >IOS> Apple Phones

It Works in the Web > (Browser)

QuickChek-Any-Property Has all The Contracts  Within 

That Are Tailored To Operate in Any-Sate-Worldwide


Hopefully you will find it to be the most useful investment property analyzer available.

Investment properties are all about cash flow.


Our Property Analyzer is made for R​eal-Estate investors who want to quickly and easily calculate

The Expected Cap Rate, Gross Rent Multiplier, and the Monthly Passive Cash Flow

of an investment opportunity on a single page.

As Real Estate investors we need a tool to quickly evaluate the viability of an investment property before spending a lot of time in financial due diligence.

While using the analyzers, please let us know what we can do to improve the functionality or features. We’ll take them into consideration for future version upgrades and improvements.

Single Family Residence -AND- Multi-family Units

We’re offering a New & Improved

Property Analyzer Software

Analyzing properties have just gotten better

Only a …2 Step Process

Comes with Contracts Ready to Execute

With these contracts, you can

wholesale houses without

funding, closing fees, or risk!

This QuickChek-Any-Property Financial  Activity Analyzer software 

would make analyzing properties a lot easier and faster.

We as investors when researching properties we look for certain criteria or certain numbers within the property financial activities to evaluate a property to see if it's worth pursuing.

1. (GRM) Gross Rent Multiplier - (Rate of Return) - Also - (Calculates the potential profitability)

2. (Cap Rate) Capitalization Rate - (Rate of return on a real estate investment property) - The Lower The Better

3. (MPCF) Monthly Passive Cash Flow - ( Potential to Generate Income)

You Can Now Use

QuickChek Software


Any State / Worldwide

QuickChek Software Is Used For


For Wholesaling – 

For Buying – For Sellers

For Investors - 

For Promoting Properties

For different loan scenarios

Rent Lease Option Scenarios

Debt to Income Ratio Scenarios

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What's Inside of QuickChek
What's Inside of QuickChek Continued
QuickChek Comes Fully Complete
A Software That Anyone Could Use

The complete package user gets the following advantages:

Pre-written contracts,

you'll never have to worry about

having the right paperwork again!


It has Layouts throughout


An Outlook with a private lender / Loan

An Outlook without a private lender

All Loans are on a Amortized Schedule with Exit Strategy After a # of Years of owning the Investment property.


It allows you to view the...

Complex Unit Complicity the capital gain on each unit.


View the productivity with calculations

Enter Wholesalers assignment fees.. if any..


It allows you to Increase the Monthly Rent(s)


It allows you to enter the number Of Years you would like to have As An Investment Property to fit the Banking Exit Strategy Solution Needs.


It allows you to enter. (+) Increase Property Value Or (-) Decrease Property Value


it offers an Exit Strategy Solution with a Private Lender Or Refinancing Solution with Bank


It allows you to enter. Exit and - Re-Sale the Property for the Lender


It allows you to Exit and - Re-Sale The Property Owner Out-Right No-Lender


It allows you to enter. Property Comps / Very Important


It allow you to enter. All Contacts on the information page

For the Contracts to be executed.


Especially for the (wholesalers)

(EMDA) Contract.

Earnest Money Deposit Acceptance


It Offers Escrow input Information for Submission


It Offers Proof of Funds Letter after Deposit into Escrow.


It allows you to Submit Offers for purchases.


It Offers a Letter Requesting Permission to enter private property.


It offers all Contracts for





These Contracts were (Tailored) to operate in any state.


All loan contracts are scenarios that could be adjusted on the QuickChek board to fit your borrowing needs that could be put into a contract under Underwriters acceptance..


With these pre-written contracts,

you'll never have to worry about

having the right paperwork again!


All the contracts are attached and ready to execute

The registered user gets the following advantages:

  • Priority technical support via e-mail.
  • You get features which are unavailable in the Trial version.
  • You may compile as many workbooks as you want.
  • All version updates and technical support are free during leasing period.

While using the analyzers, please let us know what we can do to improve the functionality or features. We’ll take them into consideration for future version upgrades and improvements.

(Cupcake-Investing) Thanks you for trying (QuickChek Any Property)!

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