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Log Into one of the sites below to check your property Comps 

The easiest and lowest cost - is to use. > > or has the BEST UI to run comps.

Sold properties + zip code and bang! 

You have a solid list of comps.

In my opinion it is much better than and


This will only cost you (5 to 10) minutes of your time.


I would look at comps of recently sold property on Zillow and Realtor. Some criteria that are important for a good comp are that they are within 6 months, year built within the decade, within 20% of the living sq ft, same bed/bath, within the same subdivision/1 mile of property, and similarity in large features like size, beds, & baths a pool or new roof.


They can be very helpful to you.

Click on your choice link below and run your comps.

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